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Atty. Remelisa G. Alfelor-Moralida "A Woman of Caliber"

If I would be asked to sum up my life up to the present, I would describe it as a series of blessings in disguise and one that is directed by faith.

As a child, I have always given value to planning, envisioning a desired future and working hand to achieve it. I also learned the value of prayer and listening to God’s plan. Thus, I already had my life planned out even before I got out of my elementary days.

My first dream was to become a chemist. I loved the sciences and math that led me to a journey that is aimed at getting into the Philippine Science High School in Quezon City. However, even if I passed the entrance exam, some circumstances prevented me from getting into the premier high school. Never a person to dwell on setbacks, I moved on and changed my plans. I ended up studying in Maryknoll College High School (MCHS) in Quezon City after studying first year in UNEP. The worse broke my heart. I didn’t want to be away from family and friends. But again, I adhered to the adage, blooms where you’re planted. So I did.

It turned out to be the best decision my mother ever made concerning my life. Maryknoll, now Miriam College High School is a school where excellence was a way of life. I was an average student where everyone seemed to be best. The academic atmosphere though was not competitive at all. We lived the tagline, “Be the best that you can be.” And I made sure that I did.

It was in MCHS that I started to forge a dream to become a writer. I read a lot and wanted to become a fiction writer. My plan was to study creative writing in University of the Philippines (UP), take my masters abroad and start a career in fiction writing. But again, the Lord had other plans for me. Guiding me, through my own father, I was directed to study Journalism instead, which my dad said was more stable and lucrative career.

I have always been an obedient child and I am proud of it. I attribute my success to this inherent prudence. I admit I have a stubborn streak, but I never risked my life and my future needlessly. I have always valued the wisdom of elders and this has kept me on the path of achievement.

UNEP Conforms the 2015 National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill

Ermie Joy M. Villar

As ordered by the Commission on Higher Education issued in Memorandum No. 36 series of 2015, the University of Northeastern Philippines (UNEP) in cooperation with the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) conducted a Simultaneous Earthquake Drill with the theme: “Earthquake Awareness and Preparedness” last July 27, 2015 at the UNEP Gymnasium.

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Frontline Rules 15th Reg’l PressCon

Meagan Alexis A. Almasco

The Frontline Publication of University of Northeastern Philippines (UNEP) brought home the bacon as it was declared as the over-all champion in the individual category outshining 28 other schools and universities from all over the Bicol region during the 15th Regional Tertiary Schools Press Conference (RTSPC) held at University of Saint Anthony, Iriga City last January 7-10, 2015 with the theme, “Redefining Social Awareness Through Journalistic Sensitivity.”

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UNEP hires 150 new enrollees under Special Program of Employment for Students (SPES)

Aggie Zephaniah R. Gonowon

50 new and old students of University of Northeastern Philippines were assigned at different department offices to work as clerk or student assistant under the Special Program of Employment for Students (SPES) last May 2015.

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RAATI Team declares UNEP ROTC Unit as the most discipline squad in Bicol

 Aggie Zephaniah R. Gonowon

“I can Judge that you are the most disciplined squad in the Bicol Region.”, remarked Col. Reley M Majadillas (RET) PA, Brigade Commander of 1702nd Bde, 17th RR, Div. PA as he delivered his judgment during the MABUHAY (RAATI) Regional Annual Administrative Tactical Inspection 2015 held last March 04 at UNEP Parade Ground.

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"The legacy that our parents gave and thought us, the love for the people, love for education, and love for God, we continue to improve each and every programs we offer for our students. We make sure our students achieve their goals in life. We have the most state-of-the-art facilities for all programs we offer and we continue to enhance and improve our amenities for a much better learning experience."

Vice President for Finance, UNEP

"We have so many successful graduates of this University. The former President of Bicol University Dr. Susana C. Cabredo is our product.Not to mention in the public schools we are able to produce several School Division Superintendent. We only do not provide high-quality education but we also allow our students to be exposed to the real work settings through the practicum programs of all the courses in the University."

Vice President for Academic Affairs

"I chose UNEP as my school for the start of my college life because of the quality of education they are offering to students. I never regret being a part of the university because of the quality of education they give their students and the staff or the college is so accommodating when it comes with our needs. That’s the reason why I still continue to pursue my Master’s Degree in Business Administration at the University of Northeastern Philippines."

BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Cum Laude
Master in Business Administration (MBA), Student

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